All sales for in-stock items are final and cannot be canceled once your order is submitted. If you want to cancel an order and some items are in stock, we will ship the in-stock items and refund accordingly. 

ALL cancelled orders are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. 

Please review your purchase before submitting your order to ensure quantities ordered or sizes of clothing are correct. We are not able to update quantities, add or remove items. 


We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Products may be limited per order, per person or household, or to orders that use the same credit card, billing and/or shipping address, or share any other order attribute.

Orders found to exceed the limit placed on an item may be canceled after the order is placed. If an order is canceled, a pending charge may appear on your statement, which will reverse within 3-7 business days, however this timeframe can vary depending on the financial institution.

Those who use multiple email addresses, manipulate shipping addresses, place multiple, excessive orders of the same product, or try and bypass our product limits in any other way may have all orders canceled and/or be blocked from making future purchases.


THE MIGHTY HOBBY SHOP reserves the right to restrict, limit, cancel or alter orders and the terms of purchase and return applicable to Bulk Purchases. The term “Bulk Purchases” is defined as purchases made for resale and/or purchases of greater than six (6) items.

Promotions or promotional coupon codes may not apply to Bulk Purchases. Bulk Purchases are not eligible for free shipping offers.

A shipping surcharge may be applied to bulk purchases.

For assistance with your order please contact us: